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Promotional Products

Promotional products are any items imprinted or branded with a logo or message. From Drinkware, Bags, Clothing, Pens, Technology, and more, promotional products drive your message home and leave a permanent impression.

Long after a potential customer meets you and months after the annual meeting or the employee motivation program, people will remember your company and the event whenever they use or see the item they received. An industry survey found that 95% of business executives have in their offices at least one promotional product with another business' logo on it. That's a lot of staying power and one reason that promotional products are increasingly used by businesses due to the advantage of repeat exposure.

Promotional products are time tested for the following uses:

  • Business gifts
  • Event Marketing
  • Trade Shows
  • Employee Relations
  • Public Relations
  • Motivation and incentives
  • Traffic Building
  • Recognition/Service Awards
  • Brand Awareness
  • Souvenirs
  • Safety Programs
  • Product Roll-outs
  • Point-of-Purchase
  • Direct-Mail Marketing

The team at BARONdirect is equipped to handle your Promotional Product search or request through various means.  You have access to 24/7  shopping capabilities via the following ecommerce link:  http://ascendprinting.espwebsite.com/

While the ecommerce site has the largest consolidated inventory globally, if you want to see additional options in a catalog setting, visit these links:

Apparel #1: https://www.companycasuals.com/ascendprinting...

Apparel #2: http://www.imprintablefashion.com/cgi-bin/...

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