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Tabbies Labels for Index Tabs

Numbered indexes and lettered exhibit indexes labels

Tabbies legal exhibit labels make labeling your legal documents simple.  Place the colorful exhibit stickers on court documents, case files, letters, photos, and depositions, to reference your exhibits. Tabbies brand exhibit labels are trusted by legal professionals.

Numerical Index Tabs: Numbers 1 thru 100, blue color bar,1/2" x 3/8" extension, 100 tabs/pkg. (10 of each number) sku: 58000-58009

Alphabetical Exhibit Index Tabs: A-Z, red color bar,1" x 3/8" extension, 50 tabs/pkg. (10 of letter) sku:

Exhibit Index Labels: Various Pre-Printed Exhibits,1 5/8" x 1", 252 Labels / Pack. sku: 58024-58095