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Notary Stamps

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We have the layouts and artwork available to make notary stamps for the state of California. After you select your notary supplies product, just fill in the blanks, and we will format your notary stamp according to the requirements of the state.
Do not attempt to fraudulently obtain a notary stamp. We check our orders for notary stamps and notary supplies with the state governments to make sure the orders are legitimate. If we suspect unlawful activity, we will notify law enforcement.
Procedure for Ordering Notary Stamps

To order a notary stamp, send us the ORIGINAL "Certificate of Authorization" issued by the Office of the Secretary of State (Faxes or photocopies cannot be used.)
The "Certificate" authorizes us to make a specific number of stamps (maximum) for that notary. If you want to order more than one stamp the "Certificate" must authorize at least that many stamps.
We will affix a copy of the stamp on the "Certificate of Authorization" and send the original to the Secretary of State. A Copy will be retained by our company and one will be sent to you along with your stamp.