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3M 9501+ KN95 Mask ("1" Mask)

3M 9501+ KN95 Mask ("1" Mask)
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Price: $2.98
Sold as "1 individual mask" (the NUMBER that you put in the order field above will be the number of individual MASKS that you receive.

3M 9501+ KN95 Professional Class protective mask, 95% effectively filter dust, bacteria and other harmful substances is an excellent mask to prevent virus infection and influenza. Multi-layer professional design, ventilation does not affect normal breathing, comfortable to wear. (with elastic straps to your ears)


  • NIOSH approved
  • Adjustable nose clip, soft inner shell, smooth against the face, spacious and durable (has an ear elastic loop on each side for easy on and off)
  • Function: dustproof, anti-virus, anti-odor; breathing resistance is small, comfortable to wear; breathable, smooth breathing; Filtration rate of not less than 95%

*Inventory is limited; it will stop selling when sold out. These are sold on a first-come-first-served basis. Sold as "single masks" and pulled from the pack. You can buy a sealed pack of 50 masks for $2.58 ea or $129 (call to inquire). Production lots may have mixed languages on the pack with English and Chinese instructions on them. All sales are final with no returns.