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Redweld Intellectual Property Folders

Intellectual Property Folders

Intellectual Property Folders allow customers to file and organize patent and trademark applications. Interior leafs are punched to accommodate a fastener to hold documents received from the Patent and Trademark Office or from clients. Ideal for maintaining and organizing correspondence and drawings.
Redweld Expanding File Pockets

Expanding File Pockets

Reliability, consistency, quality. That’s what customers demand in expandable file pockets and that’s what Redweld® delivers. Redweld® Expanding File Pockets are durable, adding strength to individual filing applications and lasting beyond the retention schedule.
Redweld Expanding File Pockets (Tyvek Gusset)

Expanding File Pockets (Tyvek Gusset)

Redweld® Expanding File Pockets feature the unmatched strength of Tyvek®. Virtually impossible to tear, our Tyvek® gusset is highly pliable, easily expandable while retaining its shape and strength. Constructed of acid-free materials, Redweld® Expanding File Pockets will protect and preserve documents, photographs, and other valuable contents.
Redweld Shelf Pockets

Shelf Pockets

Redweld® Shelf Pockets feature the durable 5-piece construction and include a side tab for shelf filing. The self tab, available as a manila or metal tab, is located on the right side of the pocket.
Redweld Expanding Envelopes

Expanding Envelopes

Redweld® premium 5-piece constructed Expanding Envelopes are available with a variety of closures; including original cloth tie, 1B elastic and the exclusive fast elastic (FE).
Redweld Econoline Expanding File Pockets

Econoline Expanding File Pockets

Redweld® Econoline Expanding File Pockets provide reliable performance at economical pricing and are perfect for general use filing. The red fiber paper gussets are reinforced at the top with Tyvek® overlap. Five piece construction allows for added strength. The Tyvek® gussets are reinforced with Mylar which strengthens the inside gusset edge to resist tearing. Whether paper or Tyvek® gussets, Econoline Pockets provide strength and durability when compared to similar office supply brand pockets.
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