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As many of you know, our on-line inventory control and maintenance system has been one of the most coveted services enjoyed by our clients.

We have been recording, over the past year, your suggestions and recommendations for continued improvements and implemented many of the changes that have been suggested.

Our system continues to be the benchmark in our industry providing new features and benefits to our online users.

Our Inventory system offers improved and additional features:

  1. Ability to log in as an Administrator and manage all offices versus having to log into each account.
  2. “E-Mail Alerts” - when inventory reaches its minimum levels.
  3. Your ability to create users with several levels of access (those who only place orders, those with administrator rights, etc.)
  4. Significantly improved speed of processing your orders (new .NET platform)
  5. Ability to sort transactions by date.
  6. Ability to sort the product list by item number and description.
  7. Ability to change information on transactions waiting for approval (quantities, bill to and ship to addresses).
  8. Improved ability to assign an approval manager to each person who orders (if needed).
  9. Improved security.
  10. Better ability to monitor activity, log-ins and history of transactions.

Our development team would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions regarding these new features.

Thank you.

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