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BARON Customer's Testimonials

First time customer and customer forever. Great service, quality and price. Fernando Pontes

I have nothing but praise for Baron; all staff members are courteous & professional and the quality of the engraving & printing is excellent. John M. Charnon

Order is always confirmed. I even got corrected on an error on my part that would have cost our company lots of extra hole punching. Thank you! Schultze Boone & Associates

Thanks for being so consistant. Datsopoulos, MacDonald & Lind

Placed fax order. Received a call shortly thereafter requesting clarification. Excellent service and product. Kenneth Owen

Keep up the great customer service. Law Offices of Steven L. Pollak

Our experience has always been positive. Problems are very rare and always promptly resolved. Customer service is a pleasure everytime.  Value Business Products

Shaunte was most courteous and helpful. I was very pleased with the packaging and labeling of the order and the email update. I will order again! John D. Blumenthal

Very surprised to find this product! Gloria Taylor

Great job. I can always depend on you for prompt service, excellent products and accurate order fulfillment. Have used you for many years at several law firms.  Jackson Family Enterprises

Great job!  Littler Mendelson

Edgar is great! and wonderful to work with.  David A. Nearon

Ruel did an excellent job with exchange of my product. Excellent service! D. Burks

We have purchased from your company for many years, very satisfied.  Wist Office Products

I have been using your services for years because it is exceptional. John J. Cullen

You really need to revamp your order form. And remember to PDF it so you can send it by email. Hannig Law Firm

Dear Shaunte: Thank you SO MUCH for your gracious support of our last minute project last week! It was a pleasure to do business with you: You are professional, accurate, supportive, generous with your time and very straightforward. The price was right and the quality was excellent. My Director was very pleased with the results. Kristine Shaff - Public Works Agency

I was never transferred, the person who answered my call always takes care of me. Leonard Carder LLP

Superb as always. Isabel Hogan

Excellent as always. Littler Mendelson - Reno

Great as always! Thanks! Aaronson, Dickerson, Cohn & Lanzone

Always excellent! Law Offices of Edward Napier Thomson

Lovely. Hanson Family Law Group

Prompt, Friendly and wonderful as always. Thank you and keep up the outstanding work. Pacific Mechanical Corporation

Your firm is consistently excellent in providing service to us. Cullen & Wood

Great Service most of the time. Great job!! Rich Brunkel with Wendel Rosen

Customer Service was very helpful and great to work with. Thank you! Nancy Duncan with Littler Mendelson

My order was originally incorrect due to non-specificity on my part. They were a tremendous help in correcting the error.  Nancy Duncan with Littler Mendelson

Very helpful and knowledgeable. Trepel Law Office 

Always a pleasure to work with you! Great Service!!! Pacific Mechanical Corporation 

Excellent next day service, always! Elaine Dellinges

Always a life saver. Helpful & prompt beyond expectations! Thank you Aude! Littler Mendelson Reno 

I have your product and services. Thanks! Ellen A. Droke with Chung & Romano 

Wonderful! Second time I've used your help. Just Great! Valerie Houghton 

Very Courteous & Friendly Service. The Best!! Monica Huante 

Thanks so much!! We look forward to future business with your company.  Anwyl, Scoffield & Stepp, LLP

Always prompt service.  The customer service representative is excellent!!  Always return my calls in a timely manner.  Bennett, Samuelsen, Reynolds& Allard

I order via online or through email with Customer Service.  It is always a pleasure to deal with Baron.  Thx!
Littler Mendelson

It was wonderful to have such prompt service.  Exceptional that the order was correct. Baron is #1!  Luzaich Corey

I placed my order online and I am completely impressed with the speed in which I received my order. Also, when I called with what I thought was a problem the help I received was well above far! Thank you!! I will buy again!
Michelle Fields

As always, order was received the next day.  Awesome service!! Isabel Hogan

Their Customer Service department was great with our order.  I am glad they waited on the things they didn't have proofs on, and glad they went through with the regular re-orders.  Thanks Baron. Sonia - Robert J. Beles

Very good service. Kully & Snyder A.P.C

I think the next step would be online ordering. Although I do love filling out all these forms!
Very prompt service! Thank You! Jessie Bloomberg with Hanson Family Law Group

Customer Service helped me with an order and as always they helped me and solved all my problems and concerns
very quickly. They are wonderful. Rich Brunkel with Wendel Rosen

Baron is the Best. I always wish other companies that I deal with would work as effectively
and as service oriented as you do at Baron. Christine with Grooms and Cave LLP

As always - good service and courteous staff. Mc Glynn and Mc Glynn

Keep up the Good work! Tess Canilleri with Kerwin and Kerwin,LLP

Thank you! Norton Corporation

Thanks! Jones and Stephens

They were very thorough, helpful and pleasant- will encouragement me to use Baron more in the future. S. Lim

I retired from my law practice twenty years ago. My stationery requirements since that time are very modest, by comparison. My last order will probably outlast me, hence the apparent lack of orders. Your stationery is excellent, your service great and the quality of your products is unsurpassed in my experience.
What more can I say? Thomas Geary

Seem to be getting our orders quickly. We really appreciate that! Littler Mendelson

Thank you for processing our order promptly. The corporate outfit is excellent. Christie Fraser Law Corp.

used internet easy Matthew Kumin

Prompt & good service. Ethel Guerrero Dental Office

THANK YOU so much for expediting my order. I waited so long to order paper & yet your office came through!! Again, many thanks!! Helene with Law Office of Bruce Cornelius

Thank you. Gregory Chandler

Ordered via fax. Always prompt on acknowledgement & receiving order. Carle, Mackie, Power& Ross

You saved the day again! Jelinek& Associates

Baron was great – wonderful customer service! Adobe

Always been very pleased with Baron for their services, courteous staff and prompt attention to my needs. Thanks. Renee Hall

Amazingly fast service. Grey & Nevin

Jean Philippe went out of his way to get something out to us for the next day when I called him just before 5pm the night before. Thank You. Kathy Riggs with Owner Bob Diehl& Associates

They are very cordial and helpful. Cullen & Wood

You’re Great! Bay Hills Community Church

Transferred to customer service immediately. As always, excellent service. Thank you. Edward Napier Thomson

Great Service. Thanks! Karen Trifari

They are very helpful and professional. Thank you. Law Office of Bruce Cornelius

Thank you, excellent service. Robert M. Frost

We love Baron! You guys save our booties on a regular basis. Jelink & Associates

Baron is great and extremely helpful. Thank you. Piper Rudnick






















Pefect! Law Offices of Michael Graham

I tried Stenograph paper, but found it inferior to yours. The perforations on their paper leave a lot of dust on my steno machine! You guys are definitly better. Cathy Lovallo

Satisfied as always. Thanks again. Tara with Ogden & Fricks

Keep up the good work. And thank you! Collins, Toschi & Doyle

Excellent! Stephanie Shearer

I usually fax my orders – great “turn-around” time! Excellent service! Thank you! Hadden Roth, Esq.

I’m so impressed! Customer Service helped me and I got my stationery faster than I’d have thought humanly possible.
E. Eliz. Summers with Bien & Summers LLP

I am very happy with Baron. You guys have saved the day more than once. Jane Stillwater with Jelinek & Associates

I’ve never had any problems with your customer service. Always great to work with.  Rose Bolyard

Great customer service. Maria Cortes with McGlashan & Sarrail

Excellent service as always!! Carol A. Jarick with Perry, Freeman & Hawley

Thanks for everything! Shona Spaeth with Jarvis Architects

You are great! Jones, Clifford, Johnson & Johnson

Always receive excellent service and a fast response. Cora J. Lancelle

Elizabeth has done a very good job handling our account. She’s always eager to help! Thanks Elizabeth. I appreciate all your efforts! Kimberly Nelson with Bay Alarm Company

It’s a pleasure ordering from you. Everyone is professional and service is prompt. Tina Richert with Robinson & Wood

Thanks for the great service! Tara with Ogden & Fricks

Our wedding invitations look amazing!!! Everyone else was hesitant and negative. Not Baron! You guys are so positive and creative!!! Thanks!!! Peter Chapman

We are very happy with your service and quality product. Michael D. Goldfield M.D. Inc.

I appreciate your swift and efficient service. Fraser & Heaney

Excellent service! Thanks. Ronald A. Rubenstein

Thank you! Law Office of Michael Lee

We appreciate the way you do business with us! Law Office of Jay Chafetz

Order received more quickly than expected. Parish & Small

You are always prompt and dependable. Cullen & Wood

Order was via email. As always, turnaround time is quick. Thank you. Carol Amyx

Always excellent. Edward Napier Thomson

Very helpful order person. Great overall service. The special pricing brought me to your company. The service will keep me with you. Deb Knox

A+ - Thank you! C. Mancillas, R.L.Walker

You do a great job! Thomas E. Phelps D.D.S.

Faxed order. Prompt response, efficient. Thanks!  Patty Wilson

Thank you. Excellent service. Robert M. Frost

Baron is great. Extremely helpful. Thank you Piper Rudnik

This is the first time that I’ve worked with Baron and they did a superb job. I appreciated the fact that they researched our records and ensured a most satisfactory order. Bill Bradshaw with  Cooley Godward LLP

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